Campos on Kolata

Two great tastes that taste great together.

Paul Campos reviews Rethinking Thin and closes with this delightful nugget:

Remember that particularly clueless right-wing acquaintance of yours? The one who believes that anybody in America can become rich, because he thinks about poverty in a completely unscientific, anecdotal way, which allows him to treat the exceptional case as typical? The one who can’t seem to understand the simplest structural arguments about the nature of social inequality?

The next time you see some fat people and get disgusted by their failure to “take care of themselves,” think about your clueless friend.

Update: fat fu adds some thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Campos on Kolata

  1. I never understood that mentality, if life is a race people are born at different positions on the track, some are born right at the finish line.

  2. That’s my favourite bit of the article, too, that really nice analogy he’s got there.

    Thanks for pointing me at the article.

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