Kate’s Plus Size Finds: Sundresses Edition

New Monday feature, y’all: since I spend half my life trolling the web for cute clothes that will fit me but don’t get to buy nearly enough of them, I figure I might as well share what I find. This week’s obsession was sundresses.

plaidsmocked.jpegPlaid smocked dress, $49, Silhouettes, sizes XL-3X

zaftiquesweetheart.jpgSweetheart sundress, Zaftique $89-$98, sizes OOX-6X

tribec.jpgTribeca dress, B&Lu, $51, sizes 1X-5X

greencrochetalight.jpgChic in Crochet dress by Blue Plate at Alight, $60, sizes 1X-4X in various colors

jessicalondon1.jpg Eyelet sundress, Jessica London, $49, sizes 14W-26W

donnaricco.jpgDonna Ricco cap sleeve A-line shirtdress at Nordstrom, $128, sizes 14-24 (okay, that one’s not technically a sundress, but how friggin’ cute is it?)

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8 thoughts on “Kate’s Plus Size Finds: Sundresses Edition

  1. Of course you guys picked the 2 I definitely can’t have myself, because I insist on being able to wear a bra with straps. Sigh. Both the Silhouettes and the Zaftique are much cuter enlarged, though, and one or both of those will likely be in my future.

  2. Okay, if I don’t figure out why I keep losing comments soon, I’m gonna… be really, really mad.

    Abbreviated version of rant lost to the ether: I am not at all optimistic about strapless bras, but I think I’m willing to give them ONE more shot. Wish me luck.

    (I also don’t think Blue Plate dresses would ever work on my chest, regardless, though. I can’t remember how booby you are–do you have a Rack of Doom? I know I’ve seen you in BP dresses looking cute.)

  3. i think I remember someone posting about the blue plate dress on fatsionista. Even though she didn’t have the rack of doom, she still had busting out problems with the dress. The one blue plate dress I have, I definitely have to wear it with a cami underneath.

    Of the silhouettes vs the zaftique dress. I’d definitely go for the silhouettes. it’s cotton and the other one is polyester. It’ll definitely be more comfortable in the sultry summer time. The Donna Ricco is super cute too, if one has the cash for it.

    How about this one?


  4. RoseCampion, I LOVE that one (and the similar one in red), but since it’s chiffon, I don’t quite count it as a sundress.

    Is the Zaftique one really polyester? Dammit, I thought it was cotton. That’s definitely out, then.

  5. I’ve never seen Zaftique make anything that wasn’t polyester. But I double checked the item listing. Yup, made out of dead dinosaurs.

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