Family Resemblance

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My mom (1936-2000), age 32, and me, age 31, demonstrating the likely existence of a “You can dress her up, but you can’t make her control her face” gene.

Happy first Mother’s Day to M.A.G., Shannon and Kim!

And happy Now We’ve Got 10 More Months Before They Start Shoving Mother’s Day Down Our Throats Again Day to Gemellen, Jill, and L.L. Cool P.

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6 thoughts on “Family Resemblance

  1. Is it bad that I’ve never considered myself in this category? Even though I usually send my own step-mother a card …

    The face gene is priceless, however.

  2. Okay, thank god I just reread your post & get it now. (The email from J_ threw me off!) Happy “10 More Months Before They Start Shoving Mother’s Day Down Our Throats Again Day” indeed!!!

  3. I’ve been meaning to write you, or write someone, or something.

    My mother died 12 days ago. My aunt lectured my sister and I about how “preventable” my mother’s death was, speaking in “code” to say my mother died because she was fat.

    Yes and no. The real reason my mother died is because she never went to the doctor if she could help it, ever since some asshole doctor in 1984 told her that her only problem was she was fat, and he didn’t want to see her again until she lost weight.

    Fat didn’t kill my mother. Fat hatred did.

  4. Wow, Thorn, I’m so sorry, too. Don’t give you aunt’s ignorance the power to hurt you further. Dismiss her comments as misguided. If that doctor is still living I would be sorely tempted to send him a letter pointing out what irreparable harm he did. Not sure if I’d send it, but I’d write it.

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