Health Is Not a Moral Issue

As I’ve been posting all these “fatties aren’t necessarily unhealthy!” pieces, I’ve been meaning to address the fact that even if they were, it would still not be okay to hate them, because health is not a fucking moral issue.

Fortunately, The Rotund did that brilliantly today, so I don’t have to.

People make unhealthy choices every day. Fat people, thin people, in-between people. They eat undercooked meat, they don’t sleep enough, they indulge in the drug of their choice (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, whatever). They use blow dryers on their hair (do you have any idea what that sort of heat can do to your hair?) and makeup on their face and deodorant in their armpits.

They wear clothes washed in detergents that are full of chemicals. They eat food grown with pesticides. They walk under the open sky and do not wear sun screen.

There are risk factors involved in BEING ALIVE.

Go read the rest.

10 thoughts on “Health Is Not a Moral Issue

  1. That comment reminds me of a comment said by a man featured in the PBS documentary Fat: What No One is Telling You

    After explaining how “medical types” automatically attribute his medical problems to his weight, he said of comments directed at him:

    “He’s gonna die because he’s fat, Also, he’s also gonna die because he’s mortal.”

  2. BTW, great blog. Just discovered it by way of BFD. I’m currently using the same template for my personal blog – great minds and all.

  3. I did not enjoy this post at all and it just showed how much nonsense there is among the fat community about what is healthy or good for you and not. It’s sad to see such phobia about nonorganic foods, chemicals, etc.

  4. I have phobias about nonorganics and chemicals. Pick me, pick me!!!

    I also came here via Rotund’s blog and so far am enjoying myself entirely too much.

    Do rock on.

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