My Friend Jillian: Being a Good Person So I Don’t Have To

You should be reading my friend Jillian’s blog. Not just The Bibliophilistines—which of course you’re already reading—but Spring in a Wooden House, her new blog about the time she’s spending volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal.

When she started kicking around the idea of doing this, inspired partly by Conor Grennan’s blog (advice to westerners thinking of visiting Nepal: “If you fight a monkey, you better mean it”), she asked if I wanted to come with her. And for about 15 minutes, I totally did. Then I realized she was talking about going to Nepal to work with orphans, not just talking about talking about going to Nepal to work with orphans. So I begged off.

I’m not a very good person, is what it comes down to. You’d think Jill would know that about me by now.

Fortunately, she’s good enough for the both of us, and a good enough writer for the both of us, to boot. Every blog entry she writes about what she’s doing simultaneously makes me giddy for her and breaks my heart. She’d damn well better turn it into a book. Go start reading it now, so you can say you knew her when.