Okay, since there seems to be a theme developing anyway, I am officially declaring it Fat Week here at Pointless, Incessant Barking. There are undoubtedly more absurdly long meditations on the subject to come, but right now, I’m in the first blush of a brand-new cold and extremely doped up, so I’m too groggy to think.

Instead, I’ll quote from the introduction to The Obesity Myth*, by Paul Campos, which of course you’ve all read by now–RIGHT?–but every word of which bears repeating. A lot. Emphasis mine:

Historically, most attempts to marginalize and shame some disfavored class of people have focused on minority groups of one sort or another. The war on fat is unique in American history in that it represents the first concerted attempt to transform the vast majority of the nation’s citizens into social pariahs, to be pitied and scorned until weapons of mass destruction can be found that will rid them of their shameful condition. As we shall see, this is a phony war, fought against an enemy that cannot be defeated, because he does not exist.

The rejection of the war on fat is based on a simple principle: that tolerance toward an almost wholly benign form of human diversity is the least we should expect of ourselves, if we wish to lay claim to living in a civilized culture. The war on fat is an outrage to values–of equality, of tolerance, of fairness, and indeed of fundamental decency toward those who are different–that American culture celebrates (often with good reason) as essential features of our nation’s character. And in the end nothing could be easier than to win this war. All we need to do is stop fighting it.

*now called The Diet Myth. Buy it.

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  1. Kim saw him speak at a seminar she went to. She loved it, although we still haven’t read the book. It’s definitely on the list!

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