Last night, Al and I were watching Fever Pitch on cable, and we came upon the scene in which Drew Barrymore introduces Jimmy Fallon to her three best girlfriends and their husbands. I don’t remember any of the girlfriends’ or husbands’ names, so let’s call them Suzy, Mary, Jane, Tom, Dick, and Harry. The point is, the intros went like this:

Husband 1: Hi, I’m Tom. [points at wife] Suzy.
Husband 2: Dick. [points at wife] Mary.
Wife 3: Jane. [points at husband] Harry.
Al: What, Harry can’t talk?
Me: Yeah… and neither can Mary and Suzy.
Al: Huh?
Me: They just did the same exact thing to the two women before him!
Al: Oh.
Me: The funny part is, I was about to get all pissed off and ranty about how the women couldn’t speak for themselves, until they did it to a man, and then I calmed down. But you didn’t even notice until it happened to a man!
Al: Hmm.

And you know, it’s precisely because Al is the farthest thing from a sexist prick that I feel this is worth mentioning. I’m not ripping on him (really, honey, I’m not)–it was just one of those moments where I’m reminded of how fucked up this culture remains about women’s voices. In 2007, a quite liberal, quite non-sexist man will not even register a husband speaking for his wife, but instantly goes WTF? when the reverse happens–even when both are done in the exact same pattern, 2 seconds apart. ‘Cause guess which one happens all the time on screen, and which one practically never does. BLEH.

This is exactly why I get that way when I do, for the record.

4 thoughts on “Fascinating

  1. Don’t even get me STARTED on the Superbowl commercials. The only one that was funny was the one where the hordes of men were grinding half naked on the car. For reasons that should be obvious.

    Grrr… I give up. Sorta.

  2. I’m just going to say it – I like that movie. I think it’s cute.

    PS – Did you watch the Puppy Bowl III?

  3. Heh, Spill. Yeah, sorta giving up is where it’s at.

    CG, I actually liked it, too. And no, I didn’t watch the Puppy Bowl today, but I’ve watched online, and OH MY GOD.

  4. am a fan of fever pitch too. it’s cute. and i’m glad you shared this story. while it’s still crappy and annoying, often it’s not deliberate … the favoring of male voices over female. it’s habit.

    which reminds me … the other day i was in a locker room after having a massage and a gaggle of women, a bachelorette party, came in with high-pitched voices yammering about all kinds of bullshit. i WISHED their voices were on mute.

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