This Sort of Thing Kills Me

How, how, can someone with, like, the greatest business sense in the world, fail to see why his market is dwindling? Dude, your product was a novelty. And just as “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer” stopped being funny about twenty years ago, The Apprentice lost its luster as soon as it was nothing new. I only took one business course in my life, on pain of not graduating, and I can tell you that much.

Specifically, it was a novelty contingent on you being out of context: big business dude as reality TV star. By season two, your big business dude image had been completely subsumed by your reality TV star image in the public consciousness, rendering your show no fresher than the 347 other “Idiot Type-A Fuckheads Compete for Something” shows. The falling numbers aren’t the result of confusion over the Martha show, or anything so complex: we just got fucking bored.

The interesting thing about people who build careers on greed and hubris is that they are often very clever about spotting marketable commodities, but they have no idea when to quit. I wish someone would pay me to tell them.

One thought on “This Sort of Thing Kills Me

  1. Hey, I kind of still like the Apprentice. But you’re right; it’s getting a little stale. Should I give it another season?

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