It’s Not Me, It’s You

So there’s this letter in the October Atlantic that I can only presume was published with an eye to provoking precisely the reaction I’m having right now. To wit, Are you fucking kidding me?

David Colbert of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma responds to a Cristina Nehring article on infidelity (which, alas, I didn’t read) thusly: “Nehring’s article strongly implies that women have a sex drive…” Wow. Don’t you people have fact-checkers?? He goes on on to make the tiresome argument that if women have a sex drive, it is activated only by pursuit of “the three Ms: money, monogamy or marriage,” and I’ll give you three guesses what happens to sex after marriage in this paradigm of the female libido.

Colbert’s argument is based on “thirty-five years of practical experience.” So all he’s actually proven, scientifically, is that for thirty-five years, women have not wanted to have sex with him. I’m no expert, Mr. Colbert, but one possible reason for that might be that you’re a misogynistic douchebag. Just a thought.

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