Happy News

I’m going to be a contributor at Shakesville, y’all. Eeeeeeeeeee! This is dream-come-true shit!

Liss, thanks so much for the opportunity.

Everybody else, get ready for a big old fat rant over there, coming soon up now!

14 thoughts on “Happy News

  1. Congratulations, Kate! You totally deserve it! Are you going to keep this blog going at the same time?

  2. Excellent, excellent. I just started getting into Shakesville and I am thrilled to see you writing there. Damn, girl, you are good.

  3. Hey y’all, is there a password needed to enter Shakesville? I cannot seem to access the page now…

  4. Hrumph. still can’t get in… maybe there’s a firewall here at work to block me from progressive and fat positive sites :) I joke, but now i’m seriously wondering…..

  5. Madge, a firewall might be likely. I just read something on one of the progressive blogs about how they’re getting categorized as “porn” because of all the dirty words. Fortunately, I still seem to be under the fucking radar.

  6. That might have been me, lol.

    Why yes, it was! I thought it was, actually, and scanned through yesterday’s post round-up, but I didn’t see that one, so I went, “Crap, maybe it was Pandagon or something” (you know, Melmanda and all), and I was too lazy to look any further.

    Probably bad form to refer to a blog I’m now writing for as “you know, one of them progressive blogs,” huh?

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